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We are Jill Tiamsing and James Evans, Consultants, and Senior Partners at American Visa Consultancy. We established our initial consulting firm in 2006 as eCorporate Consultants located in Houston, Texas. From a simple consulting business to a fast growing international consultancy firm with emphasis on providing fast, reliable and low-cost consulting services focused on immigration and visas.

Our mission is to assist the thousands of families deterred or denied by the previous U.S administration policies, from legally immigrating to the United States. In furtherance of that mission we decided to launch American Visa Consultancy (AVC). Our goal at AVC is to provide a low cost, visa application and consulting service developed from years of personal and 30 plus years of legal experience.

Applying for a visa isn’t just about opening and submitting a visa application, it’s about opening a relationship of trust with our client ,and, hopefully, with our clients family as well. We recognize that families and family assistance is an integral part of the process when we get this part of the relationship right, results follow.

Life isn’t linear. Unfortunately, most of us are ill-prepared for that simple fact. Traditional consulting firms tell us that every problem is the same, and, seemingly straight forward. Sure, there are some differences, but for the most part their practice is to treat every immigration problem or visa application as the same.

Every problem and visa application is not the same.  To deal with those differences and to safely navigate the curves and bumpy roads that may be encountered, American Visa Consultancy has constructed a team of dynamic and multi-discipline professionals with years of significant expertise in a wide variety of areas, from legal issues; to simple visa applications; to more complex business visa planning for international entrepreneurs.

  • We are problem solvers and innovators.

  • We know the fundamentals of the Visa process.

  • We listen and work with each individual and each family according to their specific need

  • Our exposure and experience traverse the globe…from the United States to the Philippines, Middle East, Africa, and Asia...

We don’t always speak your language but we do respect and understand the cultural differences that may affect your immigration application. Our experience is from the ground up, meaning that our knowledge is derived from “DOING”! Real life experience and the practical experience built on a foundation of professionalism with degrees, in law and professional immigration training.



We know that fighting through the immigration process can be confusing and really frustrating. We know this because we have gone through the process personally. It can wear you down and make you think about giving up, many times during the process. At times it will make you feel like you’re walking through a heavy fog trying to find a twig or branch with your hand to help you find your way. Jill Tiamsing and James Evans have been there. We will guide you through the process with the professional know how and empathy that our life experiences has given us.


 But, you’ll never find your way out of the fog or bring your loved one to the United States by just sitting where you are and just waiting for the weather to clear up. You’ve got to keep putting yourself out there, pushing, fighting and doing everything in your power to be with that loved one or family member.  The best way to do that is to start the process now, and make plans to be with that loved one today!

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